International Family support centre



The negative effects from HIV/AIDS in Uganda are widespread. This is a serious and deadly challenge facing the entire country, regardless of your social status, but the lower income people have the hardest time meeting the challenges of this horrible disease. Each year, thousands of Ugandans (adults and children) die from complications of this disease. There is an urgent need for HIV/AIDS volunteers in Uganda!

Presently, IFSC works in collaboration with local organizations running various HIV/AIDS projects promoting awareness while simultaneously providing comfort to HIV/AIDS-infected patients. These projects also train local community workers to effectively address and educate others about HIV/AIDS-related issues using grassroots methodology. These trained citizens then return to their villages of origin to train and educate other citizens – eventually launching their own HIV/AIDS awareness programs. Local programs in place by our partnering organizations include: stigma reduction, gender awareness, home visits, community counseling, as well as sensitization in public places (i.e. community centers and/or schools). This project's primary goals are to create hope among the sick – assuring them that they are able to live productive, meaningful lives (living with AIDS, not dying from AIDS) and to halt the spread of this deadly disease.